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Mission-Vision and Values

Our Mission:

To provide effective, efficient, reliable, and high-quality healthcare services that prioritize patient and employee safety, respect patient rights, and adhere to national and international ethical principles and quality standards. We aim to achieve this through staying abreast of scientific and technological advancements, maintaining a qualified healthcare staff, and fostering continuous education and development efforts with a commitment to societal benefit.

Our Vision:

To be a trustworthy hospital that focuses on excellence in healthcare service delivery, aligning with scientific and technological advancements. We aspire to uphold a comprehensive approach to the preservation, development, and sustainability of health, supported by a professional and knowledgeable healthcare team. Our unwavering commitment to enhancing patient and employee safety and satisfaction aims to position us as a reliable institution providing services in accordance with national and international standards.

Values of Private Çankaya Living Hospital:

  • Reliability
  • Fair and just service
  • Preservation of privacy and confidentiality
  • Respect for human dignity and labor
  • Scientific and rational service
  • Teamwork consciousness
  • Professionalism and uninterrupted service
  • Openness to innovation