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Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition is among the most crucial steps for maintaining health and preventing diseases at every stage of life. Individual nutrition programs and dietary patterns should be planned according to lifestyle, body analysis results, existing health conditions, deficiencies in the body, allergies, and intolerances. Therefore, diet programs are personalized and unique, much like fingerprints. It is essential to stay away from misleading information about nutrition in the media, as nutrition is a scientific field.

To achieve efficient results and complete success in implemented diet programs, it is best to progress step by step with realistic goals adapted to a healthy diet program, rather than unrealistic and unhealthy targets.

For this reason, to obtain the best education and counseling in nutrition, it is necessary to communicate with a ‘Nutrition and Diet Specialist.’

Diet does not mean depriving oneself of beloved foods and following a nutrition plan filled with prohibitions. What matters is the feasibility of the diet and its complete suitability for the individual. A diet means to consume a sufficient and balanced diet from all food groups according to the opportunities your health provides. Furthermore, contrary to common belief, diet should not only be associated with weight loss but should also be planned by a Nutrition and Diet specialist to match diseases, age, and surgeries, aiming to control weight and improve the quality of life.

As the Nutrition and Diet Department of Özel Çankaya Yaşam Hastanesi, we prepare a healthy nutrition program for you, offering the opportunity to live a healthier life and stay in shape.

Weight Control Program

The prevalence of obesity and overweight is rapidly increasing in Turkey and around the world. Studies have shown that even with a 5-10% reduction in current weight, positive changes are recorded in blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and blood sugar levels. With a diet program tailored to your lifestyle and health condition, you can reach your ideal weight and control your weight.

Weight Gain Program

Not only having excessive body weight but also having a weight lower than necessary can negatively impact your quality of life. Whether hormonal problems or incorrect eating behaviors are responsible for this weight loss is determined by a nutrition specialist, and a nutrition program that will provide the most suitable and healthy weight gain for the individual is planned.

Nutrition in Diseases

For all our inpatients and outpatient-treated patients at our hospital, the daily energy and nutrient amount they need are calculated, and nutrition education and diet programs tailored to their current condition are provided.

  • Insulin Resistance and
  • Nutritional Therapy
  • Nutritional therapy in
  • diabetic patients
  • Nutrition in oncology patients
  • Nutritional therapy in kidney diseases
  • Nutrition in cardiovascular diseases
  • Menopause and nutrition
  • Nutritional therapy in gastrointestinal diseases
  • Metabolic syndrome and nutrition
  • Nutrition during pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy is undoubtedly the most miraculous period a woman can experience. To ensure that the pregnant woman passes through this process healthy and peaceful, providing the opportunity for a healthy fetal life and giving birth to a healthy baby at the end of the pregnancy period, the expectant mother must pay utmost attention to her nutrition. For this, professional help is necessary.

Adolescent Nutrition

Correct eating habits are important for meeting physiological, psychological, and sociological needs throughout a person’s life.

Nutrition in Old Age

Old age is a privilege, a social success, and a challenge. Nutrition is effective in preventing, delaying, and treating diseases related to old age. Adequate and balanced nutrition is important in old age, just as it is in any other age group.

Athlete Nutrition

There is a direct relationship between the nutrition of athletes and their sports performance. To achieve success and efficiency in sports, whether done as an amateur or professional, maintaining the body’s fitness and ensuring the continuity of health requires the implementation of a nutrition program suitable for the sport.

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