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General Surgery

Within the four main branches of medicine, General Surgery, formerly known as “Hariciye” in Turkish, is a discipline recognized for its rapid assessment of diseases and quick decision-making.

The entire digestive system, including the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestines (colon-rectum), as well as the liver, gallbladder-ducts, and pancreas, along with the Breast and Thyroid glands and Adrenal glands (Surrenal), and Hernia surgery, are the primary areas of interest in general surgery.

With such a broad spectrum, the knowledge in general surgery is challenging to access, requiring long education and skills.

The recently coined term ‘Specialist of Specialists’ has become perhaps the most significant challenge in General Surgery in our country. However, we believe that being able to approach the patient comprehensively alongside other branches (such as radiology, pathology) is much more important than just being an expert in General Surgery.

In our Breast and Endocrine Surgery council, controversial breast cases are evaluated, and in cases deemed necessary, Interventional Radiological Biopsies are performed by our experienced radiology specialist, and pathology preparations are evaluated at the highest level to make decisions. Pathologies of the Thyroid and Parathyroid glands and Adrenal Pathologies are prepared for surgery after obtaining advanced opinions. In thyroid surgeries, advanced surgical teams such as ‘Neck dissections’ are formed when necessary, and these surgeries can be safely performed in our hospital.

Common diseases encountered in general surgical practice, such as hernias (groin and umbilical hernias), ingrown hairs (pilonidal sinus), hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids), and anal fissures, are resolved with high accuracy using current treatment options.

In approaching colorectal malignancies and benign pathologies, our experienced team offers our patients the highest level of science and treatment options within the principles of the “American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons,” including a comprehensive approach (if necessary, preoperative chemo-radiotherapy programs, transrectal ultrasonography, 3D tomography, and MRI).

In gallbladder and biliary tract diseases, in addition to the standard “Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy,” advanced diagnostic and treatment options are provided. Biopsies and advanced diagnostic methods, if deemed necessary, can be safely applied in cases determined by the council.

Thanks to our team specialized in the upper gastrointestinal system, especially in gastric cancers, many cases have successfully regained their health through laparoscopic and open procedures.

In our Surgical Endoscopy unit, upper and lower gastrointestinal imaging (endoscopy & colonoscopy), and, if necessary, procedures such as biopsy and polypectomy are performed “Under Anesthesia.”

Our Nutrition unit provides follow-up for patients in need under the control of expert nurses and dietitians. Nasoenteral or PEG feeding catheters are inserted for patients as needed.

In our Wound Care Unit, intervention is possible for all wounds, including diabetic foot and pressure sores. In necessary cases, amputations are performed with our teams created together with Dr. Osman Bora GÜNGÖR. Advanced wound treatments such as neovascularization interventions and VAC are successfully performed.

Department Doctors


Surg.Dr. Serkan KARABULUT

General Surgery Specialist