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Quality Policy

Özel Çankaya Yaşam Hastanesi is committed to building our understanding of quality and efficiency on a sustainable foundation. This approach reflects a strong team spirit shaped by the participation of all our employees. Scientificity plays an indispensable role in all stages of our activities, shaping all our decisions within this framework.
The satisfaction of our patients and their families is at the center of our services. For this purpose, we strive to provide maximum transparency and clarity in all the services we offer and continuously improve our quality standards.
Integrity and honesty form the basis of our relationships with our patients and the community. In line with these values, we establish a robust and effective communication system, always informing people accurately and openly.
The continuous education and self-improvement of our employees are fundamental pillars of our institution. In this context, we encourage our employees to closely follow scientific and technological developments in their fields and integrate these developments into their practices, providing a dynamic organizational structure.
We consider strict adherence to medical ethics as a fundamental obligation and deeply respect patient rights. Achieving contemporary standards in the field of health and sustaining them are our constant goals.
Finally, embracing a human-centered and environmentally conscious approach to health is one of the fundamental purposes of our hospital. With this understanding, we continue our efforts to serve the community and take a leading role in the field of health