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Ways to Protect against Coronavirus

For the success of isolation, close contact should not be made with anyone outside the nuclear family.

Internal Medicine Physician Dr. Hüseyin Çimen said that citizens should not meet with any neighbors and relatives other than the nuclear family during the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic.

Making a statement to the AA correspondent, Çimen stated that in order for the isolation against the new type of coronavirus to be successful, it would be very effective for citizens not to meet “even with their neighbors”.

Emphasizing that visits carry the risk of spreading the virus, Çimen stated that it is possible to know who is carrying the virus at first.

Underlining that citizens should call and talk to their neighbors and relatives more on the phone, Çimen said, “Our citizens should not meet with any neighbors and relatives other than the nuclear family during the coronavirus process and should avoid close contact. Because we can catch the virus from every person we encounter and spread it to our environment.” said.

Çimen pointed out that the virus shows different symptoms in each person and continued as follows:

“We do not know exactly and precisely who has this virus and who does not have it right now. That’s why we must stay at home for full isolation and follow social isolation rules and hygiene recommendations. It is also seen that the contagiousness of the coronavirus continues very seriously. “The main reason for this is incomplete isolation.”

Pointing out that visits continue among some citizens, Çimen said, “In order to ensure full isolation and prevent the spread of the virus, our people should definitely not leave their homes unless necessary. “During this period, they should ensure social isolation and not meet anyone other than their family members in order not to get sick and spread the virus.” he said.

Stating that the public’s complete compliance with the quarantine conditions is the primary factor in preventing the spread of the virus, Çimen said, “We should know that the most important method to prevent the spread of the virus is to prevent people from coming together. “This is the reason for the measures taken in our country and all over the world.” made his assessment.

Çimen noted that unless there is a vaccine or a special treatment method, the best way to protect yourself from coronavirus is to “isolate yourself from society.”