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Health Tourism

Özel Çankaya Yaşam Hastanesi, based in Ankara, provides high-level health services to individuals who come to our country for health tourism and helps them regain their health as soon as possible.

We serve foreign patients coming to our country with an experienced team of doctors in our hospital established with advanced technology.
Our primary goal is to ensure that individuals who apply to us for treatment regain their health as quickly as possible with the best and most accurate treatment methods.

As Özel Çankaya Yaşam Hastanesi, the services we provide for our patients coming from abroad:

  • Health services appointment scheduling,
  • Transfer arrangements from the airport,
  • Hotel reservations,
  • Guidance on visa procedures,
  • Hospital admission procedures,
  • Service cost calculation,
  • Guidance on discharge and payment procedures,
  • Providing simultaneous communication with the doctor,
  • Following up medical reports and delivering the reports to the patient simultaneously,
  • Explaining the necessary information and documents to the patient about payment procedures,
  • Ensuring active communication of the patient with their doctors after treatment,
  • Actively ensuring communication and coordination with doctors after patients are discharged and return to their country,
  • Post-treatment follow-up service,

To get detailed information about our international patient services and to access the necessary services related to the health tourism process, you can benefit from the information on our website and contact us through our contact numbers and e-mail addresses.